5 Best Survey Sites That Pay Instantly

Are you looking for the best survey sites that pay instantly? There are several survey sites you can join, but not all these survey sites pay instantly.

5 best survey sites that pay instantly

Well, stick with me as I reveal the top 5 of the best survey sites that pay instantly.

But before then you should realize that there are several survey sites with a payout threshold. However, there are no guarantees that when you reach the threshold,  these survey sites will pay you instantly.

Even if there are survey sites that pay instantly like the ones on this page, sometimes the verification process for the first payment might be slow.

When you are successfully verified, you should expect instant subsequent payment.

Let’s now dive into the best survey sites that pay instantly.

5 best survey sites that pay instantly


The first among the list of the best survey sites that pay instant is rewardxp.  This survey site offers rewards from downloads, games, and paid offers.

The payment the minimum payment threshold is $5. You can get paid via bank transfer, bitcoin, PayPal, and gift cards.

This platform is available worldwide.


The second on our list of best survey sites that pay instantly is featurepoints.

This site boasts of paying over $5.8million dollars to its participants.

The app feature gives you the opportunity to earn rewards through surveys, games, instant wins, cash-backs, video views, and many more.

Like rewardxp, it also has a payment threshold of $5. You can receive your payment via Paypal, bitcoin, and gift cards.

This offer is available worldwide


The next on our list of best survey sites that pay instantly is superpay.me.

This site boast of paying over $3 million to its members since 2012. This will be one of the most recommended because of the low payment threshold of $1.

You only need to take a few surveys or watch videos to cash out.

Payments are made via Paypal, skrill, and bitcoin.

This is available worldwide, although offers vary depending on your country.


The next among the best survey sites that pay instantly is surveytime.

This survey site is unique in the send that there is no minimum payout threshold. You can get paid instantly after every survey you complete. For every completed survey, you get paid $1.

Imagine how much you could potentially earn every month if you are able to complete 5 surveys daily.

These surveys are targeted towards brands and stores of your choice.

Payments are made based on what is locally accepted in your country. Although the most common method of payout is via Paypal and bitcoin.

This is available worldwide. Even if you live under a rock, as long as you have access to the internet, you can potentially make money from surveytime.


The last on our list and the most recommended amongst the best survey sites that pay instantly is freeskins.

This is probably one of the fastest ways to make passive income with ease.

This site rewards you for every survey, online job, and simple task you complete.

It has a very low minimum payment threshold of 3 cents. But that is applicable only if you wish to be paid in digital currencies (bitcoin, litecoin, etc).

Other available payment method includes PayPal and gift cards.

You get paid whenever you request to be paid. There are no limits to the number of tasks you complete daily, which gives you ample opportunity to earn enough.

Surveys are for those looking to earn extra money online. Do not expect that this money received will instantly change your life. They are meant to cover little expenses here and there.

Although there are quite some survey sites that pay you more for every task but only limited to specific countries.

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The most recommended ways to make money online are through affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, dropshipping, and trading.

Affiliate marketing tops the list because it requires little capital to start, and you have the potential to earn while you learn.

Clickbank is the best place to start your affiliate marketing journey.

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However, these are the best survey sites that pay instantly you might want to check out.

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