5 Useful chrome extensions for digital marketers and content creators

This article will feature 5 useful chrome extensions for digital marketers and content creators.

chrome extensions for digital marketers and content creators

This tool was created to enhance your productivity and to make your job easier and faster.

Without further ado, let’s roll out the lists.

5 Useful Chrome extensions for digital marketers and content creators.


Vidiq is one of the most useful Chrome extensions for YouTubers looking to rank their videos on the platform.

One of the best features of vidiq is the keyword research tool.

This tool is aimed at giving you detailed information on a particular keyword you wish to rank for on youtube in terms of monthly search volume, competition, and score.

When uploading videos on youtube, it gives you ideas on how to properly optimize your metadata for better ranking.

Keywords Everywhere

The next useful tool for digital marketers and content creators alike is the keywords everywhere tool.

Like vidiq, this tool is used by bloggers to find keywords that are easier to rank for.

You will have access to the number of searches a particular keyword gets and how much advertisers are willing to pay per click when running ads.

New bloggers can easily rank their articles using the competition tab on this tool.

What if the keyword you wish to rank for is highly competitive? This tool provides lists of similar keywords that might be easier to rank for.


If you are an affiliate marketer, you will definitely need this tool. Do you recognize the links affiliate programs give to promote their products and services?

These links are usually long and ugly, which won’t prompt a reader to click.

That’s where rebrandly comes in. This tool helps to shorten links, making them look nice and clickable.

Another feature of this tool is that you can rebrand your own custom domain.

Since most platforms like Facebook frown at link shortener, you might want to register your own domain and then link it up with rebrandly.

Now your domain can be visible to give you enough flexibility on a range of platforms.

This is why rebrandly is on our list of useful Chrome extensions for digital marketers and content creators.


This tool is meant for bloggers, freelancers, video creators, and publishers.

To write a good script, you have to pay close attention to your grammar and spelling mistakes.

Grammarly is one of your best bets for this. With Grammarly, you really don’t need to outsource your article to proofreaders to check for mistakes and spelling errors. This tool will help you figure out these errors and fix them.

If you desire to go for the premium version, your articles will be better enhanced in terms of clarity, fluency, formality, and better choice of words.

If you are looking for important chrome extensions for digital marketing and content creators, you definitely don’t want to put this tool away.


Have you ever scrolled through Facebook pages and find a bunch of high-performing ads on your newsfeed?

If you haven’t, then this tool will be very useful.

To be run a successful ad campaign on Facebook, you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

With my ad finder tool, you can simply find a successful ad campaign and copy it.

Of course, these ads you find need to strongly correlate with your offer before modeling them.

For digital product creators, this tool can help you figure out what kind of digital products to create.

Again simply check what’s working and create a similar digital product.

To use the ad finder tool, simply download the extension, and turn on the ‘see ads only’ tab. Remember, you have to be on the Facebook page to enable the tool to work effectively.

Now you have it. These are some of the useful chrome extensions for digital marketers and content creators.

Which of these tools are you missing? Let us know in the comment section.

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