How to grow from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram in 7 days

In this article, we will walk you through the exact process of going from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram fast.

Grow from zero to 10,000 followers on instagram

There is a certain myth flying around the internet growing organically on Instagram is dead.

The truth is if you understand how Instagram works, and the right strategy to use, you can organically grow from Zero to 10000 followers on Instagram pretty fast.

Zero to 10000 followers on Instagram

To grow from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram pretty fast largely depends on how you optimize your profile, as well as the frequency and relevance of your content.

But this article will address something different.

Our focus will be on how to grow from zero to 10,000 followers on Instagram using Instagram reels.

Instagram reels afford content creators to share different ideas with 15 seconds videos.

Similar to youtube, to grow from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram using reels demands that your videos get a high clickthrough rate and audience retention.

This will help boost your visibility, thereby growing your fan base pretty fast.

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Therefore how can you create content that gets views and higher audience retention?

The first step to finding success with this is to create content your viewers want to see. This strongly has everything to do with your target niche.

For example, if you are in the weight loss niche, then you have to create videos tailored to how to lose weight.

Do not just share random ideas on a subject. Find contents that will attract your viewers to watch and love your content.

It should trigger them to check out your profile and follow you to digest more of your content.

When you create contents people love, this will send a signal to the Instagram algorithm that people are engaging with your videos. When this happens, your videos will be shown to more people interested in the subject.

A second tip to help you grow from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram reels is by using eye-catchy thumbnails.

This is what people see first that will trigger them to click and view your videos.

If your thumbnails don’t send a clear message about your subject, then your audience will not be incited to click.

Below is an example of a clickable thumbnail.

grow from zero to 10000 followers on instagram

The picture used strongly correlates with the inscription. The image is understandable and the texts are clear. The use of brighter colors in your thumbnail is very important.

Like your content itself, your thumbnail should be focused on what your audience needs.

Another factor to growing from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram through reels is having a clear visual and perfect sound quality.

Your videos should be entertaining. The key to doing this is by having brighter visual content.

You also need to pay attention to your voiceovers. Ensure that your message is clearly heard by your viewers.

You can also outsource this to experts on Fiverr.

This will boost your engagement and followers on Instagram.

Take note that you have to form a balance between educational and entertaining content. If your videos are very boring and uneasy to relate with, you will be hurting your growth, therefore growing from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram using this method will be jeopardized.

This, therefore, stresses the importance of having adequate knowledge of your subject and audience.

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So how can you come up with content that is educational and entertaining?

Youtube is your best bet. Find content on youtube that is related, then see how much people are engaging with the videos. Well, this can be clearly identified judging by the number of views, likes, and positive comments.

Pick out the main gist contained in the video, write them down, and then work around putting the value into a 15 seconds video.

Remember your aim is to get the most attraction on Instagram. Therefore you have to establish yourself as an authority in your niche on Instagram.

As explained at the outset, to grow from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram fast, demands that you pay close attention to your profile optimization. What would your audience see when they visit your bio through your videos? Make sure there is a strong connection between your videos and your profile.

This will boost your growth from zero to 10000 followers on Instagram.

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