How to get clients on Facebook. [Best Marketing strategy]

How to get clients on facebook

In this article, we will discuss how to get clients on Facebook to grow your business and make more sales.

Facebook has been in existence to maintain private communication with people.

Most companies have successfully used this platform to operate customer service and to get new clients as well. This article will show you how this works.


What is The importance of having a Facebook page for business?

Facebook alone has active monthly users of about 2.85 billion. Therefore it is possible to assume that your ideal customers will be among these individuals.

You can use this platform to reach your goal of productivity which includes getting more eyeballs on your products and services.

Knowing how to get clients on Facebook requires having the right tool. This is where the Facebook page comes in.

Having a Facebook page will ensure that you reach your target group of individuals, thereby creating awareness for old and new clients alike.

Having a Facebook page avails you the opportunity to run adverts in a more targeted manner even with a small budget.

Regular contacts with your customers can be maintained using a Facebook page.  You will be able to understand customer’s behavior to help you sharpen your advert strategy in the future.

This could include their choice of offers in terms of products and services.

As you share valuable ideas via your Facebook page, you thereby establish yourself as an authority, someone whom your customers can trust in terms of value.

This will also help you maintain the top position amongst your competitors.

Visibility is one of the essentials for business longevity. Being slightly absent can hurt your reach.

Facebook helps you maintain that visibility while driving new clients to your business.

Regardless of what service you provide, you really need a Facebook page. Start by heading over to Facebook and grab one for yourself.

How to get clients on Facebook the right way

Remember we are focused on how to get clients on Facebook. In other words, you have something you wish to offer in exchange for paying customers.

Therefore you want to make sure that every part of your page strongly sends an understandable message. It leaves your customers with the feeling of our competence.

For instance, start by having a clear description of what your Facebook is all about starting with your page name.

This should be the name of your company. If you are a self-entrepreneur, you might want to add your name.

However, it is strongly recommended to use a name related to your service. For example; Business hub, Weightloss Fact, etc.

Next, choose a category that strongly relates to your product and services. You can use the search option available to you. Facebook gives ideas on categories to choose from.

Be sure to include all necessary up-to-date information on your page as you would on your website. These include

Address (This field is for offices and store owners, with visible buildings)

Phone number

E-mail address


opening hours

Write a strong description of what your page is about. Avoid fluff and be specific with the details.

Be sure to create awareness and curiosity as much as possible in your description.

Your page profile picture can be a clear picture of yourself or your company’s logo.

If you must use a picture, ensure that your face is more visible to the general public. People are more likely to trust you.

A cover banner should contain a brief description of whom you are, your offer, and what it can accomplish. I’ll advise you to get an expert on Fiverr, to design quality banners for you.

Content is key. When you regularly feed your page with quality content, you not only attract more people to your business but also gain their trust and loyalty.

So what kind of content can you share?

These are the four kinds of content that work best

Text: This is quite the easiest form of page content. It is written in plain words, without images, emojis, and links. Usually, this kind of content gets little attention.

Link: Link content helps when your intent is to drive your customers from your page to your website. Be sure to have a clean website before using this form of marketing.


Image: A picture is worth a thousand words: This also applies mostly to social media. Even so, you should add a brief description.

When uploading and sharing an image, make sure that your image grabs attention and leads your viewer to take precise positive action.

If you must use an image you find elsewhere, make sure it comes with free usage rights.

Video: Videos have proven to be the best kind of content. People tend to engage with a video shown than a text read. You really don’t have to work yourself out to create videos.

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You can also do live videos with your prospects. The aim of this conversation should not always be to sell a product or service.

You might have a question and answer segment with your followers. Again, this will help you build trust and loyalty.

These are essential tips on how to get clients on Facebook.

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