How To Make Money Online With eBooks

There are several different ways to make a ton of money online. This article will feature how to make money online with eBooks.

how to make money with ebooks

An ebook is a publication written and available in digital formats. The use of an ebook in marketing is one of the best ways to expand your reach online and make more money.

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Therefore, how can you make use of this simple piece of electronic publication to your advantage? Let’s take a look.

How to make money online with ebooks

Ebooks can be sold. It can also be given out for free in exchange for a prospect’s email address to grow your email list.

This will give you the proper advantage to market your product over again without having to generate traffic all over again.

Luckily for us as digital marketers, these ebooks are available online and free to use.

Here are the lists of websites you can acquire premade ebooks for free.

Free Plr Downloads

With this website, you will have unlimited access to plr (private label rights) and mrr (master resell rights) products for free.

This product includes ebooks, articles, software, and videos.

To use this website, head over to

Scroll down to the search bar section below the page.

Input your main keyword and hit search.

Select a bunch of ebooks of your choice, and download them.


Idplr is another great platform to get free ebooks to use. This actually one of the best sites for quality ebooks.

You will have access to download a limited number of ebooks, articles, and software. Usually, these free ebooks are from 2 to 3 years back. If you have in mind selling them, you might want to consider reading the entire book to make sure the information contained is not outdated.

However, you have access to download 2 gold packages for free.

With the gold membership, you have access to quality ebooks, videos, and software. Most of this product comes with promotional materials.

With the heavy load lifted off your shoulders, you can simply download and sell these products using the materials provided.

This is my first choice because everything is completely done for you.

The third site to get quality ebooks is This website contains beautiful ready-to-sell plr courses, articles, content, and ebooks.

I have seen top marketers buying ebooks and courses from this site and selling them directly using paid traffic on Facebook.

You could potentially make money with ebooks using this method.

With a free account, you will be given a small amount of credit to download products on this site. But from experience, this credit is usually not enough to access quality products, hence the need to buy more credit.

But it is worth doing since you will be making your money back either by selling these products or giving them out for free in exchange for email addresses to grow your list.

Now that you are familiar with different websites to download ebooks, how do you actually make money with ebooks?

As explained earlier at the outset of this article, you can make money with ebooks by selling them. All you are expected to do is to head over to Facebook groups in your niche, make a post about the book and ask people to contact you to get the book.

Top-notch marketers will create a sales page for this publication, write a good copy, and embedded payment links for easy access.

This makes the product more unique and attractive to customers.

Here is a trick.

Your ebook gives you the opportunity to market other digital products in exchange for bigger commissions.

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, you can simply market other people’s products directly in your ebook.

When prospects click on your affiliate link and buy, you will make a commission.

This can be applied when you sell or when you give it out for free.

Simply head over to websites like Clickbank, to find products to promote.

Next head over to google and find free software that allows you to edit pdf content.

This will make it easier to include links in your ebook.

This is one of the best ways to make money with ebooks.

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