How To Write Emails That Convert Perfectly

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote products and services with quality results. This article will show you how to write emails that convert better.

write emails that convert

Every successful email marketer you know relies strongly on email marketing because it is the easiest way to make consistent income online.

Let’s face it. Would you easily pull out your credit card and buy software, or service online immediately after they are reviewed? We need some more convincing, some more proves before we make a decision to buy.

This is where these gurus rely solely on email marketing to do this.

Email marketing involves putting a group of prospects in a list or an email folder and then sending series of messages on the back end to promote a service.

If you do not write emails that convert, then you may have little to no chance of making money through this method.

Well, now you know how important writing email that convert can be, the vital question now is how?

Can you think about why there are some emails appearing in your spam folder? Well, one of the main reasons can strongly be related to how it was written. When you write emails that appear to be too salesy, they might end up in a spam folder.

How many times do you go into our spam folder to read emails? This is why you should write emails that will appear in your prospects’ primary or promotional folder.

How to write emails that convert.

There are five key elements to include if you want to write emails that convert.

  • Primary subject
  • Proper introduction
  • Convincing body sentences
  • Images
  • Call to action.

Primary subject

This is the main text people see before deciding to click and read. To get people to click, you have to make sure your subject drives curiosity. It has to invite your target to take positive action. Take this subject line below.

‘How he made his first $200 in 2 days

Anyone interested in making money online, and who tried so much to make it happen but failed, will surely be interested in this.

Hell yeah, I’ve got to see what this guy is doing that I haven’t done.

To write emails that convert, your subject must drive curiosity.


Another element to include when you write emails that convert is a proper introduction. These are the first few sentences appearing at the top of your email letter.

This is the magnet that keeps your prospect digesting the rest of your content. Consider the introduction below.

‘Hey, Jesse, did you see the guy that made his first $200 in 2days?

What comes to your mind when you read this introduction? Tell me you aren’t geared to digest the rest of the content. That is the power of using proper introduction.

The body

This is the point where you get to tell the whole essence of your email letter. Remember we said at the outset not to be too salesy in your content? Well, this is an example of one email structure that will definitely land into a spam folder.

‘Here is the app I spoke about that will make you $500 daily. It is only $100, click here to buy.

First, the chances of this email going straight to the primary folder is very slim, but to the spam folder, 80%.

To write emails that convert, you could tell a story. You do not want to make your prospect believe that you are only interested in getting him to but. Write good contents that they can relate to, and stories are the best.

While writing content, try not to make it too long. You also do not want to spill out the whole info you’ve got. Remember, your email is like a gateway to your landing page.


One of the best components to include while you write emails that convert is using images.

An image that better explains your message better. It is said that a good image is worth a thousand words. You might want to consider that.

Call to action

This is where you tell your prospect what to do. This could either be to watch a video on your youtube channel or to read an article on your blog. But whatever call to action you have in mind using, never use the word ‘buy.

That is a bad way to write emails that convert. Ending your mail with that word can completely ruin the whole essence of your mail.

This is a simple breakdown of how to write emails that convert.

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